Hillside offers substantial need-based financial aid to assure that students who need a Hillside education are able to afford Hillside, regardless of economic conditions.

2017-2018 Tuition: $24,500


Tuition Payment Plans

Single Payment Plan: Payment of tuition in full due on a published date in August.

Term Payment Plan: Parents will be billed two times a year – August and January.

Quarterly Payment Plan: Parents will be billed four times a year – August, October, January and March.

Monthly Payment Plan (8-12 payments): Offered through Tuition Management Systems at www.afford.com or 1-888-572-8985. With a minimal enrollment fee, the monthly payment option allows parents to spread expenses over a number of months.

Financial Aid

The Hillside School’s ability to award financial aid is dependent upon the generosity of donors, foundations and fundraising events.  We are extremely grateful to the community members who have provided these funds.

Our goal is to offer financial aid to families with demonstrated need to meet full tuition expenses. We award need-based financial aid to approximately 50% of our students each year. The Hillside School uses SSS (School & Student Services), an independent third party, as a baseline for indexed tuition range determinations and also considers the financial aid funds available for both new applicants and returning students.

Notification of financial aid determinations will be released simultaneously with admissions acceptance letters. Although decisions regarding admissions and financial aid are made at the same time, the two processes are separate.  All financial information will be held in strict confidence.

Please contact Darlene Stack in our Business Office at 610-967-3701 for more information.

Other ways of financing a Hillside School Education

IRS Medical Deduction

  • The Internal Revenue Service has determined that expenses incurred as a result of educational therapeutic intervention in approved schools are deductible medical expenses. The Hillside School is considered a therapeutic program for children with learning disabilities. Consult with your tax advisor to consider claiming an IRS medical deduction for tuition fees.

Flexible Spending Account

  • If a parent’s employer offers a Flexible Spending Account, tuition reimbursement coverage may be included in the Medical Reimbursement account. Consult with your plan administrator.


  • CEO America, www.ceoamerica.net, 610-776-8740. (Available to students from a Lehigh Valley family going from public to a private school, total household income not to exceed $50,000.)  New scholarship recipients are selected in June.
  • Berks County Community Foundation, www.bccf.org (610) 685-2223 (Students from Berks County)
  • E.I.T.C. – Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program  – Providing families with more educational opportunities through scholarships.
  • Family Choice Scholarship Program- familychoice@pafamily.org, (717)545-0600
  • OSTC – www.newpa.com for students who reside in low achieving school boundaries

Educational Loans

  • Loan programs through third-party lenders can help families manage tuition by spreading payments over a number of years. Home Equity loans are often an option. Also remember to check with your employer about financial aid or grant sponsorship.



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