“Hillside has given me back my child – the happy child who wants to learn.” – Hillside Parent

“I have never seen my parents so proud of me than when I graduated with an engineering degree. My dad teases me that he couldn’t even pronounce the math and physics classes I was taking. I want you to know that without The Hillside School my life would be dramatically different right now. It is only now that I can look back and fully appreciate everything The Hillside School has done for me and other children. I cannot begin to thank you enough. And to think, when I was 8 and my parents showed me the school, all I could think about was how much cooler your playground was and not about how my life was about the change for the better.” – Alumnus

“Our son’s experience at Hillside was a positive influence on his life. It helped him significantly improve his reading and writing skills, but more importantly, it gave him the tools to continue his education in a traditional school setting. It bolstered his confidence and made him realize that he could succeed in school and in life.” – Alumnus Parent

“I imagine what my daughter’s life would be like without this school and I just cringe.” – Alumnus Parent

“Hillside School allowed our son to ‘put on the brakes’ and catch his breath. He was then able to really learn. The strategies he has been equipped with will be lifelong tools, which will be used in many areas. Thank you!” – Alumnus Parent

“I am an alumni and I just wanted to tell everyone of my teachers that I got all A+’s. I never could have done it without you at Hillside-thank you everyone!”- Alumnus




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