If a child learns easily and is successful in the eyes of his/her peers, his/her teachers and his/her parents, then school is an enjoyable experience. If the child does not learn easily and is not successful, he or she may suffer a loss of self-esteem, self-worth, confidence and motivation to learn. As humans, we long to “fit in” and, at any age, being “different” from the masses can be an uncomfortable experience at first. That is why The Hillside School has a goal to develop community awareness about the needs of children and adults with learning disabilities. Through outreach and education, we can continue to help people understand and focus on the benefits of diverse approaches to learning.

The Hillside School’s Guidance Counselors provides support, education and awareness for students, parents and teachers alike throughout the learning process.



  • Guidance Classes – weekly lessons to celebrate individual differences and help students identify their strengths
  • Individual Counseling – as needed to build self-understanding, address problem-solving and resolve student concerns
  • Small Groups – enable students to work through challenges related to learning, communication and social relationships



    • Parent Support Group – education about learning difference and common issues, plus presentations from Hillside specialists
    • Parent Exiting Meetings – to assist parents with educational planning, evaluation and the transition process (in Fall and Winter)
    • Consultations – regular discussions for goals and problem-solving with families to help with their child’s continuing success

Art Education

The Hillside School arts curriculum emphasizes each child’s unique set of strengths and talents to help them improve achievement in all areas of their education by:

  • Enhancing useful communication skills
  • Encouraging self-discipline and persistence
  • Improving flexibility and creativity
  • Fostering the joy of learning
  • Supporting hand/eye coordination

Students learn to make connections to other subjects, convey meaning to the world around them, and develop positive self-worth. Within the arts program, students have an opportunity to work with a variety of artistic mediums. Some special features of our curriculum include:

  • Participation in “Pinwheels for Peace” day and Youth Art Month
  • “Artist Eye” coupons to enhance visualization
  • Opportunities to create with clay, glaze and the potter’s wheel
  • Exposure to musical instruments, sounds, vocabulary and history

The Hillside School’s integrative approach to learning uses art to enhance academic studies and create the best learning experience for each student.


As part of our commitment to a customized learning environment for each child’s learning style, The Hillside School employs a full-time Speech/Language Pathologist. Our students who need assistance receive a minimum of one small group lesson each week with our Speech/Language Pathologist. Classroom teachers incorporate practice of language skills learned in these sessions.

The purpose of this program is to help students develop speech and language skills through:

  • Vocabulary and Verbal Expression
  • Word Usage and Grammar
  • Memory and Processing
  • Concepts (of size, quantity, direction, location, inclusion/exclusion, time, sequence, comparative, past tense, passive voice, etc.)
  • Pragmatics and Reasoning
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Articulation and Verbal Fluency

Students are given assessments to determine their need for specialty lessons in speech and language. Parents are informed regularly about their child’s individual progress and provided with details about the areas of work and activities done during their lessons.

Click here to learn more about our Speech and Language Pathologist.


Physical fitness in daily life is a key habit for successful futures. Each student gets the opportunity to participate in individual and team activities two times per week. Physical education for younger students focuses on visual/perceptual and motor skills that prepare them for organized team sports when they get older.

Our physical education teacher organizes special events and clubs for all ages so that every student has a chance to experience a variety of activities.

  • Field Day – a themed day of activities, relays and games at the end of each school year
  • “The Flying Heels” Walk Club – participating students walk designated courses during recess each day
  • Newcomb/Volleyball tournaments – for students in grades 3-8
  • Jump Rope for Heart/Hoops for Heart – community service programs with the American Heart Association
  • Kids Tennis Club – an introduction to tennis and a great way to make friends

Through these experiences our students learn social skills and gain self-confidence in addition to their physical development. Hillside students understand the importance of physical fitness at an early age.  As a result, they learn the skills they need to develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.




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