The Hillside School is focused on a philosophy of quality academic instruction to children with bright minds that learn differently. We teach grade level content to build academic skills and self-confidence. Our individualized curriculum is designed by educational specialists to promote the academic and personal development of each student.

A Hillside Education is:

  • Multi-Sensory
    Some students learn best by listening, some by seeing, some by doing and some learn best when instruction is presented using all these formats.
  • Research-Based
    Practices and programs considered for adoption in the classroom are based on peer-reviewed research studies.
  • Child-Centered
    Our curriculum is constructed around the needs, skill level, and learning style of each student.

In addition to certified classroom teachers, The Hillside School employs two guidance counselors to help students identify their strengths and optimal learning style. Together, our experienced team helps each child to prepare for brighter academic and professional futures.

Our commitment to each child’s success is reflected in our ongoing and open communication with parents. We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education by providing opportunities to attend three individualized conferences per year. At these conferences, classroom teachers and administrators provide detailed information on student progress in all aspects of a Hillside education. Parents leave conferences with detailed progress reports.

Regular communication with parents occurs daily through the use of our home book system. Home books are used to relay academic and social information to parents from teachers and from teachers to parents.




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