If a child learns easily and is successful in the eyes of his/her peers, his/her teachers and his/her parents, then school is an enjoyable experience. If the child does not learn easily and is not successful, he or she may suffer a loss of self-esteem, self-worth, confidence and motivation to learn. As humans, we long to “fit in” and, at any age, being “different” from the masses can be an uncomfortable experience at first. That is why The Hillside School has a goal to develop community awareness about the needs of children and adults with learning disabilities. Through outreach and education, we can continue to help people understand and focus on the benefits of diverse approaches to learning.

The Hillside School’s full-time Guidance Counselor provides support, education and awareness for students, parents and teachers alike throughout the learning process.

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Student Programs

  • Guidance Classes – weekly lessons to celebrate individual differences and help students identify their strengths
  • Individual Counseling – as needed to build self-understanding, address problem-solving and resolve student concerns
  • Small Groups – enable students to work through challenges related to learning, communication and social relationships


Parent Programs

  • Parent Support Group – education about learning difference and common issues, plus presentations from Hillside specialists
  • Parent Exiting Meetings – to assist parents with educational planning, evaluation and the transition process (in Fall and Winter)
  • Consultations – regular discussions for goals and problem-solving with families to help with their child’s continuing success






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