The Hillside School arts curriculum emphasizes each child’s unique set of strengths and talents to help them improve achievement in all areas of their education by:

  • Enhancing useful communication skills
  • Encouraging self-discipline and persistence
  • Improving flexibility and creativity
  • Fostering the joy of learning
  • Supporting hand/eye coordination

Students learn to make connections to other subjects, convey meaning to the world around them, and develop positive self-worth. Within the arts program, students have an opportunity to work with a variety of artistic mediums. Some special features of our curriculum include:

  • Participation in “Pinwheels for Peace” day and Youth Art Month
  • “Artist Eye” coupons to enhance visualization
  • Opportunities to create with clay, glaze and the potter’s wheel
  • Exposure to musical instruments, sounds, vocabulary and history

The Hillside School’s integrative approach to learning uses art to enhance academic studies and create the best learning experience for each student.




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