Tuition & Affordability

The Hillside School is a mission-driven independent school funded through gifts, grants, and tuition. As a result, we can serve students with learning differences unlike public and even other private schools. In fact, the impact of the transformative experience at Hillside benefits the whole family: the return on investment of a Hillside education is significant and beyond a dollar value.

I have had five children come through Hillside. We were a single income family…I never would look back and say I wish I didn’t spend the money here. I’m always so thankful. It was such a worthwhile investment…you totally get what you pay for and more here...Do not ever let the cost deter you…

Nellisa Weidner, Parent of five Hillside Alumni


The tuition for 2022-2023 is $20,125 for kindergarten through grade 3 and $27,170 for grade 4 through grade 8. The Hillside School has scholarships and funds for families who, through a confidential and independent review process, demonstrate financial need.

Affording and Financing a Hillside Education

Your investment in a Hillside education may feel overwhelming. Fortunately, we are able to identify and guide you through several options to help relieve some of the financial stress associated with tuition.

Financial Aid: Hillside-funded scholarships are awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need. Individual aid may not exceed 80% of tuition for the academic year. Thanks to the generosity of dedicated individuals and corporate donors who continually contribute to The Hillside School Scholarship Fund, we are able to provide financial aid to over 40% of our students.

Tuition Payment Plans: Single, term, quarterly, and monthly payment plans are available. Hillside partners with Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) for payment plans up to 12 months beginning in July.

IRS Medical Deductions: Tuition and expenses incurred for educational therapeutic intervention through approved schools are deductible medical expenses.

529 Savings Plans: A maximum of $10,000 per year from an individual’s 529 Savings Plan can be spent on tuition and expenses for elementary or secondary private/independent schools ( Check with your accountant or financial planner for details.

Flexible Spending Accounts: Some employers offer Flexible Spending Accounts that permit tuition reimbursement coverage under Medical Reimbursement Accounts. Check with your company’s benefits administrator.

Educational Loans: A variety of financial institutions offer education educational loans for students who attend independent K-12 schools.

Please contact our Director of Finance, Don Kuntzman, at or 610-967-3701.

[Financial aid] was the only way we could do it…We’re forever grateful for what [Hillside] did for our family.

Nellisa Weidner, Parent of five Hillside Alumni