Applying for Financial Aid

The Hillside School’s ability to award financial aid is dependent upon the generosity of donors, foundations and fundraising events. To the extent that scholarship funds exist, financial aid is awarded on the basis of demonstrated need in accordance with The Hillside School’s Financial Aid Policy, and is determined by the School’s Financial Aid Committee.

  • Families wishing to apply for financial aid are encouraged to begin the process as soon as an application for admission and the supporting documents have been submitted.
  • All financial aid decisions are made independently of admission decisions, and are only awarded after an offer of admission has been extended to a prospective student.

Applying for Financial Aid

  1. Complete the Parent Financial Statement (PFS)
    • Go to – School and Student Services (SSS)
    • The Hillside School’s SSS code is 3907
  2. Submit copies of the following documents to the SSS site or our Director of Finance, Don Kuntzman, at
    • Parents’ W-2 forms (custodial and non-custodial parents)
    • Parents’ most recent Federal Income Tax Return (1040) and any related schedules
    • Self-employed Schedule C and related attachments (business profit & loss), if applicable
    • Schedule K1 (form 1065 or 1120S) if you are a partnership or S Corporation

Award Determination

Once Hillside’s Business Office receives the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) report from SSS, the process of review and award determination begins. (The EFC is based solely on self-reported data contained in the Parent Financial Statement.)

  1. Information provided on the EFC report is verified against Federal Tax Return and W-2 numbers and reviewed for the following:
    • Reported income
    • Home Equity based on
      • Year of purchase
      • Purchase amount
      • Present market value (using the SSS housing index)
      • Unpaid principal
    • Number of children attending tuition charging schools (excluding daycare unless @ a comparable rate to a tuition charging school)
    • Parent/Guardian wages (including custodial and non-custodial parents)
    • Household size
    • Other sources of income/assets (cash, investments, rental property, etc.)
    • Unusual expenses (unreimbursed medical costs, legal costs, parents’ student loan debt, etc.)
  2. Adjustments are made to the EFC report to reflect discrepancies and previously listed considerations.
  3. The adjusted EFC is submitted to the Financial Aid Committee and reviewed for scholarship award determination in accordance with The Hillside School’s Financial Aid Policy.
  4. Duplicate copies of the financial aid award notification letter are mailed to the parents for review.
  5. Parents must return a signed copy of the award letter to acknowledge acceptance of the scholarship amount.
  6. Once the financial aid award has been accepted, a Tuition Contract, outlining the parental obligation to pay all designated tuition fees for the respective academic year, will be mailed to the enrolling family. This Tuition Contract must be signed and returned prior to finalizing the student’s enrollment.

The Financial Aid application and award determination process could take up to 30 days from receipt of all required documentation.