Covid-19 Update

April 1, 2020

Dear Hillside Families,

As we begin our third week of distance learning, please know how much all faculty and staff miss seeing and working with your children. We are learning to navigate the “new normal” together and understand the collective feelings of worry of the economy, loss of connection with friends and family, denial, anger, and sadness. We need to focus on what we can control – we can wash our hands, we can practice social distancing. we can learn how to learn and work virtually.

We acknowledge this is a challenging time and want to do everything we can to support you.  The faculty and staff are “building the plane as we fly it”. Teachers are experimenting with synchronous and asynchronous options for instruction, attending online webinars and collaborating with each other.  As with everything we do at Hillside, the approach will be individualized per teacher and his/her class. We appreciate your patience and will be sending a survey on distance learning the week of April 12. Additionally, It’s vital for you to act on the Digital Media Use permission slip instructions emailed on Tuesday morning.  

In case you are not already aware, everyone at Hillside has regained email access!  Additionally this week teachers began daily office hours from Monday-Friday with the exception of school holidays (which can be found on the yearly calendar). These two hours will be times when you can expect a response to an email or make arrangements to speak with him/her.  

On Monday, the Governor extended school closures indefinitely.  Our goals for students to maintain a personal connection with teachers, continue to feel a sense of community and move forward with individualized instruction remain intact.  

We will continue to communicate weekly and are available for any questions. Most importantly, we send our sincere wishes for you all to remain safe and healthy.


Donna Henry

Head of School