Covid-19 Update

April 8, 2020

Dear Hillside Families,

Thank you for collaborating with us during this very difficult time as everyone at Hillside adjusts to a “new normal” of delivering the mission remotely. We acknowledge how disruptive this pandemic has been for everyone, especially your children. Knowing we have your support to deliver distance learning is critical as we all navigate this new process together.

Since the first day of the mandated school closure, Hillside teachers have been providing students with distance learning materials and personal contact. Knowing the students as well as they do, the teachers chose to forge ahead immediately with a new school plan.  They embraced (and are continuing to embrace) new technology and took on the role as the “lead learner” in the class in an effort to provide as much continuity as possible. They did not have time to step back and plan; they jumped in and did it and I am very proud of their resolve and efforts!

As you are learning what works and does not work within your family, we would like to ask you to complete The Distance Learning Parent Survey, which you will receive during the week of April14.  Your feedback is valuable; we want to know what is working well and what challenges you are experiencing.  Although we will not be able to address every need, we will do our best to assimilate your suggestions as they fit into the context of our distance learning plans. 

As we head into our spring break (April 9-13), no new assignments or office hours will occur.  We do hope you will participate in Spirit Week on Thursday, 4/9 (wacky hair day) and Friday, 4/10 (reading day).

In closing, we salute the faculty, staff, parents, and students for their hard work, commitment, perseverance, and resiliency during this very challenging time in the world.

Stay safe and well,


Donna Henry

Head of School