The Hillside School is a place for children with average to above-average intelligence who require a different approach to learning due to dyslexia (reading), dysgraphia (writing), dyscalculia (math), ADD/ADHD or other difficulties with language organization and memory. Every student from K-8 receives individualized attention from our expert faculty and staff to help them grow intellectually, physically and socially.

Multi-Sensory Programs

Our multi-sensory programs use interactive, hands-on instructional methods that are designed to systematically and cumulatively promote understanding, memory, recall, and use of spoken and written language as a base for academic learning.

Experienced Staff

Our experienced staff uses techniques and materials based on the most recent research about successful learning for children with language-based learning disabilities. Each student is given the attention and tools appropriate for their age and skill level.

Comprehensive Curriculums

Our comprehensive curriculums emphasize critical thinking and self-advocacy as well as core language skills like phonics, word analysis, spelling, word recognition, oral reading fluency, grammar and syntax, text comprehension, writing, and study skills.