Elementary School

Elementary School (K-5)

Elementary students at The Hillside School build a solid foundation for learning, self-understanding and self advocacy. Faculty work with each student in a structured and supportive environment to develop problem-solving and executive skills.

Differentiated instruction is delivered through a multi-sensory approach to learning.

Technology is used daily to encourage students to work more independently and become self-directed learners.

An emphasis on receptive and expressive language skills and critical thinking prepares students to be successful communicators and decision makers.

Through guided practice, modeling, repetition and reflection, students learn persistence and flexibility to become metacognitive learners. Students are taught to apply and transfer these skills to new settings for continuing success.

Homework at this level is meant to reinforce skills that are taught in class and is assigned based on the daily observation of each student’s individual progress.

Our teachers develop a caring sense of community. Building a personal relationship with each student helps to create positive associations with learning and sets an example for future social interactions.