The Guidance Counselors work with every student to develop self-awareness and confidence while also fostering advocacy skills and a better understanding of his or her learning needs.

Hillside’s counselors collaborate with teachers and parents to make school a place where students experience success in learning.

Student Programs

  • Guidance Classes: Weekly lessons tailored to the needs of each classroom, including but not limited to advocacy skills, developing an understanding of learning styles and disabilities, peer relationships and social skills, as well as problem-solving
  • Small Groups: With the assistance of counselors, students are supported while navigating challenges with their peers and enhancing social skills
  • Individual Counseling is provided on an as-needed basis to work on student-specific issues and skills

Parent/Caregiver Programs

  • Hillside Education/Learning Parent Support Group (HELPS): A monthly caregiver/parent support group facilitated by Hillside’s counselors aimed at educating and supporting those who love our students
  • Transition Meetings: Counselors lead meetings to assist parents with educational planning, and understanding the evaluation and the transition process
  • Communication: Regular discussions focused on goals and problem-solving with families to help with their child’s continuing success