Speech & Language

Because language skills are a critical foundation for learning, Hillside’s full-time speech/language pathologist (SLP) focuses on receptive and expressive language skills, teaching students how to process what is being said to them and how to say what they are thinking. Through standardized speech and language assessments, the pathologist assesses their strengths, weaknesses, and growth.

All students receive a class lesson and most receive small-group instruction each week. If needed, they also receive articulation therapy provided by a Carbon-Lehigh Intermediate Unit 21 pathologist. Teachers observe the speech & language class lessons so they can help students transfer their skills across the curriculum and throughout their day.

The pathologist works closely with parents and teachers to identify and explain the difficulties a student may experience, as well as to provide strategies to overcome the difficulty.  

Weekly small-group classes focus on

  • vocabulary and verbal expression
  • word usage and grammar
  • memory and processing
  • concepts (for example, time, sequence, direction, and location)
  • social language (for example, reading body language, and initiating and maintaining conversations)
  • reasoning
  • phonological awareness (for example, rhyming, and identifying and manipulating sounds and symbols)