Instructional Models

Anticipated First Day of School: August 31, 2020

Reopening: Hybrid Model: Students:  Students experience a balance of in-person learning and remote learning.

This model was thoughtfully and creatively designed to deliver our mission in a new way and make the most of our resources. Students in each class would be split into 2 groups and instruction would be delivered to them in-person at Hillside or through synchronous learning (i.e. live interactions with their teachers and classmates, exchanges across Google classroom) and asynchronous learning (recorded lessons, tasks being completed independently) on alternating days. Details of the plan include:

  • Ratio of 4 students to 1 teacher/specialist for in-person learning days
  • 2 day in-person learning days per week scheduled for either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am-12:30pm.  
    • Includes ELA and content instruction with the classroom teacher and 2 specials (Art, Language, Science Lab or Technology) each day
    • Multiple learning spaces with 6 ft. of physical distancing are available for movement and brain breaks
  • An hour of distance learning is scheduled for Mondays-Thursdays from 2:30pm-3:30pm to allow for grouping across the grade levels in math and specialized reading
  • There is no lunchtime scheduled at Hillside.
  • 3 days of distance learning on alternating days and Fridays 
    • Twice daily Zoom meetings on distance learning days 
  • Guidance counselors are available during in-person and distance learning days 
  • Student to teacher ratio during in-person learning offers greater opportunity for personal attention and an even higher level of differentiated instruction
  • Student to teacher ratio offers more time for instruction with less time needed for essential  health and safety procedures

Additional Models:

Distance Learning:  Students’ instruction will be delivered via The Hillside School Distance Learning Plan.

Traditional Model:  Students return to full, in-person learning with any permanent changes necessary.