Hillside Day

Hillside is more than rigorous academic classes. Why?

One of our key goals is to build your child’s self-confidence. Not all of us are math whizzes or English majors. Some of us are extraordinary athletes and amazing artists. We find what matters to a child and build on it. We take the lessons learned and apply them across the spectrum of a child’s activities. When students are studying a specific unit in Science or reading a specific book for Language Arts, our specialists work to include those same themes into their lessons in Art, Library, Technology or Music. We work hard to create an environment that combines our core subjects with rich complementary programming, constructing a well-rounded experience for each student.

“As I’ve grown and matured, I’ve come to realize that being ‘different’ in my younger years has proven to be one of my biggest advantages. I learned many valuable skills such as self-awareness, adaptability, self-advocacy, hard work, and perseverance. Most importantly, I learned the importance of encouragement, sensitivity, and kindness toward others.”

Brendan Conway, Alumnus