Portrait of a Hillside Graduate

The decision to take your child out of the home school and enroll him or her in Hillside is hard on many levels. After 35 years and 1,000 children, we understand this.

Acknowledgement that your child needs specialized teaching may be overwhelming. The cost may be extraordinary. The inconvenience of transporting your children to different schools at different times may be tiresome.

And yet, the payoff—the pure joy your child experiences over his or her successes, as well as the hope and relief you, a parent, get—makes it all worth it.

Hillside has a transformative effect on students. They become:

  • Self-aware and confident self-advocates who relentlessly request the tools they need so they can continue to learn independently and reach their potential
  • Creative and flexible problem-solvers
  • Resilient and enthusiastic learners
  • Well-educated
  • Risk-takers with an “I-can-do-it” attitude
  • Empathetic and thoughtful community members
  • Good friends
  • Happy with themselves

Isn’t this what we all want our children to be?

“Hillside School is a wonderful place for children who learn differently. They have a great culture of kindness and support that is just as important as the tailored curriculum. We cannot recommend it highly enough for families looking for a place where their child will not be lost in the shuffle.”

Chris Kivlehan, Parent