Safety Protocols

Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Ventilation

CLEANING SUPPLIES: Disinfectant wipes and/or cleaning wipes, and spray bottles of cleaning solution will be available in offices and classrooms where staff and students can clean surfaces throughout the school day. Gloves will be available, if requested.

HIGH TOUCH AREAS & CLASS EQUIPMENT: In all learning spaces, cleaning materials will be available for staff and students to use. High touch areas (i.e.: horizontal surfaces, desks, chairs, technology devices, door handles, sink handles, light switches, etc.) will be cleaned in between each group of students.

WATER FOUNTAIN: Water fountain will not be utilized and students/staff will bring in water bottles. There is a bottle filling station available.

HEALTH ROOM: The Health Room has been relocated to accommodate guidelines for health and safety. An additional space has been identified for anyone who needs to be quarantined. These areas will be disinfected between ill individuals in accordance with CDC guidelines.

VENTILATION: Classroom/Office doors and windows will be open as feasible to increase circulation of the outdoor air.

PLAYGROUND: Only limited use of playground equipment will be permitted. Equipment will be cleaned between groups of students.

BATHROOMS: Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected nightly.

Social Distancing and Other Safety Protocols

CLASSROOMS: All classrooms/learning spaces will be organized to mitigate spread. Student desks will be placed 6 ft. apart and students will all be seated facing in the same direction. Excess furniture will be removed from the classrooms. Students will each have their own desk and personal space for their materials. Limited sharing of equipment and materials will be permitted. Handwashing or hand sanitizer will be utilized after using shared equipment.

STUDENTS: Students will stay with the same cohort of peers during in-person instruction. Students/Staff will at minimum sanitize/handwash their hands upon entering and exiting the building and moving from one learning space to another. Students will take small breaks outside and in the gym in small groups and will practice physical distancing; the equipment will be cleaned between uses.

Face Coverings for Staff and Faculty: Faculty, staff, and visitors must wear a face covering (mask or face shield) that covers the nose and mouth per the Order issued by the Secretary of Health on July 1, 2020. Any exception (medical or mental health condition or disability) would require documentation in accordance with the ADA that precluded the wearing of a face covering in school

Face Coverings for Students: All students must wear a face covering (cloth mask or face shield) that covers their nose and mouth inside the school and while outside when physical distancing is not feasible. Those who are not required (documented medical or mental health condition or disability) to wear a mask should consider using a plastic face shield and increase physical distancing. Students can remove face coverings to eat and drink, when seated at least 6 feet apart, or engaged in a an activity while still practicing physical distancing of at least 6 feet.

OTHER LEARNING SPACES: Outdoor space may be utilized for instruction. The gym/multi-purpose room will be used as a learning space not a cafeteria.  

VISITORS: All visitors will be restricted from entering the school unless arrangements are made ahead of time with the office

DISMISSAL: Dismissal procedure will permit students to walk directly from their classrooms to the exit door.

Monitoring Student and Staff Health

Monitoring Students and Staff: Parents/guardians will screen their children for symptoms at home each morning before the school day. A student with symptoms and a temperature over 100.4 should not be brought to school. All employees shall perform a symptom screen on themselves prior to reporting to work. Employees with symptoms and temperatures over 100.4 should not report to work. Children developing symptoms or having a temperature of 100.4 during the school day will be quarantined at school until a parent or guardian can pick them up no later than 60 minutes from the time of the call.

Isolating Students and Staff: A separate area will be used for quarantine in cases where a staff member or student becomes sick. When the ill staff member or student leaves the school, the area will be closed. After a 24-hour waiting period, if feasible, the area will be cleaned and disinfected. Disinfectant spray will be used and surface cleaning will be conducted.

Return to School: Before returning to school, all isolated and/or quarantined individuals must present a note from a physician to the Head of School verifying that the individual is not displaying symptoms and is fit to return. The Hillside School monitors the most recent guidelines on when students and adults can return after having symptoms for COVID-19 and/or testing positive for COVID-19. The school will follow, at a minimum, the CDC’s most up-to-date guidelines for the safe return to the school. Families and employees must work with the Main Office for re-entry.

Other Considerations for Students and Staff

Protection of Students and Staff: Our Office Manager will maintain communication with our local and state authorities to determine current mitigation levels in our county. When necessary, certain staff can work from home.

Substitute Teachers: A current part-time faculty member will take the role as a classroom substitute teacher if necessary. We are continually evaluating our options to increase the number of available substitute teachers.