Annual Fund

The Hillside School Annual Fund, is the cornerstone of the school’s fundraising efforts. Each year, Hillside relies on unrestricted Annual Fund contributions to provide educational resources for students and faculty not covered by tuition alone. Your gift is an investment in Hillside’s life changing educational experience.

All donations to the Annual Fund are 100 percent tax deductible.

2017-2018 Annual Honor Roll of Donors

The Hillside School Annual Fund FAQs

Q: Why does my participation matter?

A: The Hillside School Annual Fund’s ongoing success depends on the participation of members from every constituency–parents, grandparents, trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, parents of alumni, community partners, and foundations. Your yearly gift demonstrates your commitment to the school and signifies Hillside’s strength as a community.

Q: Why not just increase tuition?

A: While tuition increases are inevitable, The Hillside School is committed to ensuring that students and their families from every socio-economic background have access to a Hillside education. The Annual Fund is a critical component of income that allows us the flexibility to Say Yes to enriching our educational programming through the arts as well as providing need-based financial aid to students and their families.

Q: Doesn’t The Hillside School have all the income it needs from tuition and the endowment?

A: Thanks to the generosity of our leadership and legacy donors, The Hillside School does have a well-invested endowment to ensure that future generations of students have the opportunity to benefit from a Hillside education. The Hillside School Annual Fund, however, is essential to ensuring each current student receives an exceptional educational experience. The Annual Fund allows us to support the principles of our academic program and continue to provide truly positive, life-changing experience.

Q: If I can only make a small gift, is it really worth it?

A: Yes! Each year, gifts to The Hillside School Annual Fund range from $5 to more than $50,000, so you are encouraged to give in a range that is meaningful for your family. Given the importance of Hillside in your family’s life, we hope you will make our school your top philanthropic priority.

Q: Can I direct my gift to a specific area of the budget?

A: It is preferable that donations to The Hillside School Annual Fund are unrestricted, so they can be used to meet immediate needs of the school. However, if you have a special gift in mind, please contact Erin Coffey, Development Associate at 610-967-3701 ext. 305.

Q: I support The Hillside School by making purchases at the Gala. Why should I also give to the Annual Fund?

A: The level of participation in The Hillside School Annual Fund is of keen interest to outside funders to whom we apply for grants and financing. Additionally, donations to the Annual Fund are 100 percent tax deductible, while auction purchases are only deductible over the value of the item.