About Us

Our mission is to maximize the potential of the child with learning disabilities through excellence in education. The Hillside School is a recognized benchmark institution and has set the standard for educating children with these disabilities.

We originally opened our doors to 10 students at the Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit in Emmaus, PA in 1983. Six years later, we moved to our current seven-acre home in Lower Macungie Township.

Our students are intelligent children who learn differently from their peers, and therefore need a different approach to match their learning style. Students may be diagnosed with a language-based learning disability like dyslexia, which affects reading; dysgraphia, affecting writing; dyscalculia, affecting math; or processing disorders and demonstrate difficulty with executive function skills, attention, and focus.

Children attend Hillside from kindergarten through eighth grade. We prepare students by supplying them with the skills and strategies needed to succeed well beyond the halls of Hillside. We help children make a seamless transition into and out of Hillside. In the last 35 years, over 1,000 students have successfully transitioned from Hillside to various public, religious, or private schools.

Class sizes are limited to no more than 8 students per class.

This is a full-day school in which students, using state-of-the-art technology, engage in traditional academics and extra-curricular activities. We offer specialized curricula based on best practices and proven evidence-based teaching methods. Students also attend weekly guidance and speech & language classes.

Core Curriculum includes Mathematics, Reading & Language Arts, Science, STEAM, Social Studies, Technology Education & Assistive Technology, Art, Physical Education, Executive Skills, Library and Media Skills, Speech & Language, and Guidance.

Facilities include a gymnasium, multi-purpose room, computer lab, art room, recently renovated science labs, a library, and playground.

We are accredited by Middle States Association (MSA) of Colleges and Schools, and have maintained our accreditation for over 30 years. MSA is the highest level of accreditation a school can receive, and involves extensive research and development in order to maintain our standing. Read more about how we continue to exceed our accreditation standards.

We recognize that each mission-appropriate student brings an element of diversity to our school simply by being a student who learns differently. We believe that everyone’s life experience and background add valuable perspective to our learning community and that our community is stronger because of the differences represented by our students, faculty, staff, and families. The Hillside School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender identity, or sexual orientation in its educational, admission, financial aid, and hiring policies. Questions regarding this should be directed to the Head of School.

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