Welcome to The Hillside School’s Admission page!

Has your child been struggling at school with reading, writing or math?

Is each evening a battle to complete homework?

Does your child frequently feel “stupid” and frustrated?

We may be able to help!

At The Hillside School, we understand that children learn differently; in fact, we know that many bright students struggle to meet their potential in traditional school environments. For 35 years, Hillside has been equipping students with learning disabilities with the tools and strategies they need for lifelong success!

We invite you to explore Hillside more in-depth to determine if this might be the environment where your child can discover what it feels like to be a successful learner and an empowered self-advocate.

We are eager to help you become better acquainted with all of the opportunities at Hillside!

All brains are wired differently; we help make the connection!

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